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« Reply #75 on: February 04, 2023, 12:25:28 am »
i haven't had a nightmare this bad in a good few years.
in my nightmare, out of my own anger, i set off a demon.
i've never set off a demon before, you see. i always cowered in fear of them instead.

it appeared as a glowing white bust sitting in the corner of my room.
it was an object i had possessed for years now.
after it was set off, it's initial glow was lost and instead only its eyes glowed red.

it was inanimate, like a tool, but complex enough to fool the untrained eye into thinking that it was alive.
my own overflowing anger drove the demon's rage.

What's scary about it is that i could feel it getting set off again and again EVEN AFTER I WOKE UP. It's like the dream was still running in some background process in my brain. Still kinda is rn.
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Re: let's talk about dreams
« Reply #76 on: March 23, 2023, 03:47:47 pm »
Last night I had a pretty epic dream. It started out in some random apartment where I was with Ozmiander and some girl. They were doing a bunch of repair work on the house, putting painter's tape on the walls and redoing the trim or something. It was anime night so I was trying to watch anime on my laptop but I kept getting distracted by their house construction. At one point I tried walking into the back room and they were like "be careful in there" because as soon as you walked into the room it was like gravity shifted and you started falling towards the wall. For some reason I had a bouncy ball and I dropped it through the doorway and it bounced all over the room.

Then I decided to leave the house and go for a walk outside. I was walking down the road on a mountain. It was like the mountains of the pacific northwest US or China, super steep and yet covered in dense green vegetation. Nothing like Colorado. As I was walking I stumbled upon a small town with a giant clocktower church. It looked like a skyscraper, at least 10-20 stories tall. Someone told me the church was built in the 1300s. I was enthralled, amazed by how beautiful the architecture was so I decided to go inside.

When I went inside there was a gift shop where you could buy random crap. I asked the woman working behind the counter if she knew how to get to the top of the clocktower and she confidently replied "Yes of course here's a map!" but then neither of us could actually read the map and she actually had no idea. I spent the rest of the dream wandering around inside the upper floors of the clocktower. On each floor there was a big room with windows next to giant torches outside used to illuminate the indoor space. Connected to the main room there were smaller rooms and hallways that I explored and ran into random people, but I never made it all the way to the top.