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« Reply #75 on: February 04, 2023, 12:25:28 am »
i haven't had a nightmare this bad in a good few years.
in my nightmare, out of my own anger, i set off a demon.
i've never set off a demon before, you see. i always cowered in fear of them instead.

it appeared as a glowing white bust sitting in the corner of my room.
it was an object i had possessed for years now.
after it was set off, it's initial glow was lost and instead only its eyes glowed red.

it was inanimate, like a tool, but complex enough to fool the untrained eye into thinking that it was alive.
my own overflowing anger drove the demon's rage.

What's scary about it is that i could feel it getting set off again and again EVEN AFTER I WOKE UP. It's like the dream was still running in some background process in my brain. Still kinda is rn.
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« Reply #76 on: March 23, 2023, 03:47:47 pm »
Last night I had a pretty epic dream. It started out in some random apartment where I was with Ozmiander and some girl. They were doing a bunch of repair work on the house, putting painter's tape on the walls and redoing the trim or something. It was anime night so I was trying to watch anime on my laptop but I kept getting distracted by their house construction. At one point I tried walking into the back room and they were like "be careful in there" because as soon as you walked into the room it was like gravity shifted and you started falling towards the wall. For some reason I had a bouncy ball and I dropped it through the doorway and it bounced all over the room.

Then I decided to leave the house and go for a walk outside. I was walking down the road on a mountain. It was like the mountains of the pacific northwest US or China, super steep and yet covered in dense green vegetation. Nothing like Colorado. As I was walking I stumbled upon a small town with a giant clocktower church. It looked like a skyscraper, at least 10-20 stories tall. Someone told me the church was built in the 1300s. I was enthralled, amazed by how beautiful the architecture was so I decided to go inside.

When I went inside there was a gift shop where you could buy random crap. I asked the woman working behind the counter if she knew how to get to the top of the clocktower and she confidently replied "Yes of course here's a map!" but then neither of us could actually read the map and she actually had no idea. I spent the rest of the dream wandering around inside the upper floors of the clocktower. On each floor there was a big room with windows next to giant torches outside used to illuminate the indoor space. Connected to the main room there were smaller rooms and hallways that I explored and ran into random people, but I never made it all the way to the top.

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« Reply #77 on: May 12, 2023, 08:06:49 pm »
I had a dream about a yandere ghost that punishes.
It's scary to me because it cleanses away all of my "friends".
It cleanses away all these things that I fantasize about being nice to me.

I'm scared of it.
I'm scared that I've been in the wrong, and that it'll cleanse me too.

My faith in tactics and science instead of will... it is quite strong. Am I wrong to believe in it?

Deep down I know that we're lovers and it's just awesome to see her in action.
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« Reply #78 on: May 18, 2023, 12:12:36 am »
I've been practicing dream incubation.  It's been interesting, though I haven't had any luck with it recently.  I'm going to try to get better at writing my dreams down when I wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night.  I'm also hoping I can find my oura ring and link it with an app on my phone to play a audio prompt right when it detects I'm about to go to sleep or when it detects I'm dreaming.  Here's an article with more information:
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« Reply #79 on: October 01, 2023, 08:06:38 pm »
Last night I slept eight and a half hours -- I haven't done that in months, maybe a year.  So many dreams, but I only managed to fix two events in my mind that survived the day:

* a racetrack race of different vehicles, each with a different power source.  There was nuclear, there was electrical, there was petrol, there was steam.  My vehicle was the last, powered by muscle; a rickshaw pulled by two beautiful women in cavalry uniforms with impractical high-heels.

* I wake from my bed, and the the young green-skinned servant rises from her sleeping cushions in the corner.  "Don't forget have to go to her," she says, trying to keep disappointment out of her voice.  I pick her up in my arms, and to her surprise carry her back to my own bed, where I cuddle her instead of going to my appointment.

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« Reply #80 on: December 24, 2023, 11:19:38 pm »
had a dream last night. it was about a heavily modded version of minetest where we could do almost anything. i got to play around with all the cool redstone mods, and cool they were! to name one, we had these little zombified animals that you could control with various little charms to pathfind their way around and press little switches and whatnot. by the end of the dream we went full-on vr mode. i played a silly game where you zap monsters with big fat targets over their heads who are trying to zap you on your way up an indoors icy mountain, which led to a plaza of sorts where a lot of people had musical instruments. i got my hands on a french horn and played it a bit, i reunited with an old band class friend. then i did some parkour up over a fishtank up into some kind of backrooms-ish area full of boxes of water, the higher ones flowing into the lower ones, and the lower ones flowing into the fishtank(s). the (clean!) water leading into the fishtank was FULL of neatly organized little cubes but you could still swim through it easily. cyberwater! i found my way down the other side and back out over another fish tank. i tried to exit the area, but i walked into this candycane-textured shape-shifting hallway. i realized it was shape-shifting when i was only a few steps in, but when i tried to turn back, instantly visible was the hundred or so paths which led to this one place. i tried to walk back towards that one specific path because i could see it, but my feet got stuck and then i woke up.

the parkour was fun. everything was fun. 100/10, would play again.

i think this is the kinds of stuff floop was talking about when he sang "you can dream my dream":
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« Reply #81 on: January 04, 2024, 08:15:04 am »
had a dream involving weird stackable porcelein lampshade-looking things, designed to draw bad air away as you breathed it out, and somehow also generated an exhaust flue using a candle. might even work in real life.

but as i woke up i realized: my partner was breathing shallowly. so was i.

i went downstairs to the basement and cracked a window a tiny bit so the furnace had a better source of combustion supply.

next night we both breathed a lot deeper.

thank you, dreams!

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« Reply #82 on: January 10, 2024, 11:54:26 am »
I had a dream that we moved a chair from one room to another room, and I sat in it.

I woke up, the chair had not been moved. It was sad.

Good dream.

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« Reply #83 on: May 20, 2024, 10:33:36 pm »
I too write my dreams down as soon as I wake up, my phone's note section is littered with all these bizarre descriptions because of it.

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« Reply #84 on: May 29, 2024, 03:03:56 pm »
I once had a dream where I was a young woman.  I met a man who I wasn't interested in and slowly started to see him everywhere in my life.  To his chagrin, I confronted him about it and the behavior stopped.  I then met a woman who had gone through the same experience.  She explained to me that he wasn't stalking us, but that we were two characters within his dream.  Wanting to be free, I convinced the other woman that we should see the man and convince him that he's dreaming and that he should wake up.  Having done so, I was then the man from the dream the following morning, when my wife walked into the kitchen for breakfast.  Who was it, but the original woman.
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