let's talk about dreams

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I'm in a cold house, the only man among women.  One bed, king-sized, shared by the women and I want to sleep too.  The middle-aged woman at one edge doesn't mind me joining them.  The college-aged women filling the rest of the bed are "ew, a man, disgusting," but it's cold, I just want to sleep.  I crawl under the blankets, between the older woman who just want to sleep, and a younger woman who makes a show of protesting, scolding me for the sin of being male.  While she's visibly announcing how much she finds men disgusting and I don't belong here, under the sheets where nobody can see, her hands are playing with my dick, gentle and curious.   I was very confused.

After I woke I figured she wanted sex-play but had to put on a show or else she'd lose status with the other women.... except the older woman, who was ignoring the drama because she just wanted to get some shuteye.

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I had a dream that I was in a college and one of my teachers ended up being a TERF. During attendance she deadnamed me (I was thinking to myself how the fuck does she even know THAT name) and I replied "um excuse me bitch, my name is Rachel". and ended up showing her my ID. Things escalated into a shouting match and she was like "I have a PhD in biology and you're just a man in a dress, everyone knows it they are just too polite to say anything"

Other students started taking sides and all the commotion got the attention of nearby teachers. The principal showed up and broke up the fight and I went back to her office to file a report on what happened.

After talking to the principal and calming down, I went to bathroom and there were urinals in the women's bathroom. I did a double take, making sure I really was in the women's bathroom, and thought to myself "maybe this is why that teacher is so pissed off... lol"

By this point the school day was over so everyone was hanging out outside. I talked to some people who said they saw what happened and were supportive. Then some belligerently drunk girl with dark hair that was drenched in beer came over and was like "HEY YOYU GYUYS LOL WE ARE DOINGF BEER BONGS AT THE TABLE OVER THERE YOU SHOULD COME OVER WOOOOOOOOOOOO" and I replied "um that sounds fun but sorry I'm doing sober october"

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Had a dream that I was hiking up a mountain with huge sections of exposed rock at the summit. I wasn't very far up the mountain when I heard this sound in the distance above me. With a thunderous crack, a part of the cliff had fallen off the mountain and started rolling down the hill towards me. It was spinning so fast it made an insane wooshing sound. As it got closer I thought to myself "welp, this is it, I'm going to die now"

But then fortunately it rolled past me, missing me by maybe 50 feet, only to bounce off of the ledge and crash into someone's yard