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hi im neptun.
i made a post about teledildonics.
im a siiiiientiiiiist.

What kind of scientist?
aka luke

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Re: [STICKY] Forum introduction thread
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hello and also bump

i am Lindstedt, but nobody aint got time to spell that so just call me whatever

i live in sweden and i make music in the woods by oscillating trees, bouncing rocks and tossing toads (it's ok, they like it)

i am usually tired

i somehow started studying machine learning without knowing basic arithmetic and now im stuck in a statistical hell which im slowly starting to masochistically enjoy

i have ruined three laptops in my life due to coffee accidents

i am not a twink but feel free to think so

i am neither communist nor neo-liberal but definitely think both ideologies have values, centrism is the worst

i am INTP/J but i try to be kind to others, yet honest, which usually is a challenge

cheer and happy fishing

edit: oh yea forgot to mention as of latest iteration i have a dope ass walking animation cycle
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welcome to wetfish, Lindstedt
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we're so glad to have you here! honking my horn friendfully