(wetfish edition)

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Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #30 on: May 04, 2020, 01:12:29 am »
< phobos> hi my names rachel and I value orbiters more than real people I meet in life because the Internet is all I care about anymore
< phobos> (ps hows that worthless e-currency working out for you rachel, you stupid ugly cunt)




Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #31 on: September 21, 2020, 10:52:18 pm »
23:44 < david> You're concerned about what your parents would think
23:44 <@Aryanne> well yes
23:44 <@Aryanne> i dont know if could make a reason why im going to the west coast
23:44 < rachel> say for pussy
23:44 < rachel> and they'll be like "god bless america"
23:45 <@Frob> bald eagle flies in

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #32 on: December 14, 2020, 04:30:24 pm »
17:29 < Lexoi> Hey rachel, is kate kill ?
17:29 <@rachel> .seen kate
17:29 < Fiolina> rachel: I last saw kate at 2020-12-14 - 18:43:26 in another channel.
17:29 <@rachel> that's today
17:29 -!- kate [[email protected]] has joined #freefish
17:29 <@rachel> LMAO
17:29 < Lexoi> lel

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #33 on: January 03, 2021, 09:04:30 pm »
22:00 <&rachel> meleeman: if you wanna make a bike just learn to weld lol
22:00 < meleeman> NUUUUU
22:00 < meleeman> plasticsss
22:01 < meleeman> polycarbonate is the answer
22:01 <@yam> it's gonna break and you're going to break your ass
22:01 <&rachel> lmao
22:01 <@whispers> can you make a bike out of poop, like bake it and maybe add something hardening
22:01 <&rachel>

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #34 on: February 10, 2021, 01:34:58 pm »
14:31 < kmbo> you may have mitigating circumstances but we'll need a full investigatory hearing, and u are presumed guilty
14:32 < kate> no no no pal
14:32 < kate> this is america
14:32 < kate> i won't let you exercise your chinese communist customs here
14:32 < kate> you can take it from my cold dead hands
14:32 < kmbo> okay, you have to pay me 5,000 and admit your guilty, or 12 of the dumbest people i can find will find you super guilty
14:32 < kmbo> and you will be punished 10 times as much
14:32 < kate> i'll just take the bullet
14:34 <&rachel> now that's american justice

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #35 on: February 10, 2021, 10:14:37 pm »
23:06 < woodcat> you should see some of my runes rachel
23:07 < woodcat> i made a 4-bit microprocessor by hand
23:11 <&rachel> wow woodcat
23:11 <&rachel> that's some dark magic
23:13 < woodcat> i also implemented multi-processing on an ARM m4 micro-controller using hand written assembly language
23:13 < woodcat> side-note, i still struggle with sudoku puzzles

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #36 on: May 01, 2021, 04:59:12 pm »

kate being a bitch to newcomers lol
« Reply #37 on: May 02, 2021, 07:19:30 pm »
14:45 -!- twowheeltherapy [[email protected]] has joined #wetfish
14:45 < kate> twowheeltherapy, identify yourself immediately
14:46 < kate> you have 30 seconds left
14:46 < twowheeltherapy> just some random motorcycle rider. rachel gave me the link
14:46 < kate> all righty
14:46 < twowheeltherapy> so pushy. lol
14:46 < kate> ya like it?
14:47 < kate> ya want me to push you off?
14:47 < woodcat> gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss
14:47 < kate> same, queen
14:47 < kate> boss
14:47 < twowheeltherapy> i live on the edge.  just need a nudge
14:47 < kate> i'll push you over twowheeltherapy
14:47 < twowheeltherapy> thud
14:47 < kate> what kinda bike you got
14:47 < woodcat> send motorcycle pics
14:47 < kate> see
14:48 < kate> all the girls are lining up to see ur bike
14:48 < kate> lining up 4 a ride
14:48 < woodcat> that's what motorcycles are for, right?
14:48 < kate> truly

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #38 on: May 06, 2021, 01:44:31 pm »
13:48 < rachel> amnizu: do you think canadian people are polite to compensate for the way canadian geese act?
13:48 <&amnizu> in no small part yes
13:48 < rachel> lol


Re: (wetfish edition) - a glitch in the matrix
« Reply #39 on: July 04, 2021, 02:08:45 am »
22:26 < Anomaly> immersive pooping mechanics
22:35 < rachel|m> Dddddd
22:36 < rachel|m> Bro are you for real right now nobody has said anything for 4 hours?
22:36 < rachel|m> WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING?
22:36 < bait> rachel|m, Anomaly spoke 10 minutes ago
22:36 < bait> but i'm guessing the matrix is just fucked and you aren't gonna see this either
22:36 < bait> haha
22:37 < bait> jonathan you are banging my daughter!
22:37 < Anomaly> lol
22:37 < Fiolina> haha
22:37 < rachel|m> !rainbow test
22:37 <%fishy> test
22:38 < bait> she's figuring it out
22:38 < bait> the gears are turning
22:38 < rachel|m> ?im test
22:38 < Honk> Found test:
22:38 < rachel|m> Hmmmm
22:38 < bait> lol
22:38 < rachel|m> .help
22:38 < Fiolina> rachel|m: I'm sending you a list of my commands in a private message!
22:38 < rachel|m> HMMMM
22:38 < bait> abandon modernity
22:38 < bait> return to irc
22:39 < rachel|m> Oh weird
22:39 < rachel|m> I had to restart my matrix client

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #40 on: July 16, 2021, 11:32:54 pm »
stolen from zigara's server


Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #41 on: August 09, 2021, 04:08:36 pm »
17:07 <@kate> i don't want money for my porn
17:07 <@kate> i do it out of passion
17:07 <&rachel> nice
17:07 <&rachel> atta girl
17:07 <@kate> just like i dont want money for my open source software
17:08 <@kate> you gotta share the love

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #42 on: August 22, 2021, 01:06:24 pm »
14:05 <@kate> man u know what really grinds my gears
14:05 <@kate> overly eager auto flush toilets
14:05 < Weazzy> same
14:05 <@abzz> lol
14:05 <@kate> im just trying to take a shit please stop flushing
14:05 <@kate> its so insulting

Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #43 on: September 16, 2021, 07:56:02 pm »
  < lovingsnek> .yiff Anomaly (IRC)
  * topkek_next falls backwards on to the bed. Wah! =3 pomf
  < whispers> ^__^
  < Anomaly> ty
  <@kate> $yiffall lovingsnek
  * topkek_next glares at kate and silently judges
  * topkek_next tries to squeeze into a cardboard box that's clearly far too small to accommodate her massive housecat breasts, while lovingsnek films her with a camcorder
  * topkek_next goes to rape some chirrins and eat some chitlins
  * topkek_next emerges from hir sheath, hir hard hood glistening in the moist air.
  * topkek_next hails a cab for lovingsnek, and when she gets in, the driver reveals that she's in Furry Cash Cab! YEAAAAAH TIME TO YIFF FOR CASH!!!
  * topkek_next slaps kate saying "You have a yiffin problem, bro."
  * topkek_next has died of dysentery
  * topkek_next can't help but fuck the everliving shit out of lovingsnek with a illegally-sized kangaroodick
  * topkek_next yiffs all over lovingsnek
  * topkek_next gives lovingsnek a nice and solid kick, making hir collapse onto the floor, cupping lovingsnek's rabbit family jewels
  * topkek_next parts lovingsnek's buttcheeks and slides hir kittycock into their anus
  * topkek_next cuts off a strip of Pinkie Pie to make some pony jerky
  * topkek_next roasts Pinkie Pie's marshmellow butthole over a campfire to make a pony smore
  * topkek_next feels lovingsnek's phallus throbbing inside hir, each pulse unleashing a firey hot load deep in hir bowels, sating lust momentarily
  * topkek_next falls backwards on to the bed. Wah! =3 pomf
  * topkek_next vomits ponyspunk all over lovingsnek. Whoops! Hope you weren't ovulating!
  * topkek_next joins kate in the basement over a bound and gagged Fluttershy, ready to teach her a lesson about "friendship"
  * topkek_next rubs lovingsnek's fuzzy kitty-cat tummy :3
  * topkek_next drinks kate's piss thinking that it was apple juice
  * topkek_next paints a picture of a flower or some shit. Just look at that fucker. Shit. Be. Amazing
  * topkek_next fills up lovingsnek with Deep Fried Butter, mayonaise, and half a bucket of lard to make him into her kawaii hump-pillow
  * topkek_next takes lovingsnek's entire kangaroo length into hir mouth, leaking seed in excitement
  * topkek_next does the unthinkable to lovingsnek
  * topkek_next can't enjoy her lovingsnek Sandwich
  * topkek_next jets sticky semen all over lovingsnek
  * topkek_next clips lovingsnek's harness to the stall, then begins to plow hir pony vagina without mercy
  * topkek_next laps at lovingsnek's drippy cunny while digging poop out of her butt with a spoon to save for later
  * topkek_next gets down on all fours and humps lovingsnek
  * topkek_next adds more lensflare to the screenshot of kate's SecondLife fursona. Lensflare makes everything better.
  * topkek_next squeezes lovingsnek's meaty dragon vent, while giving hir a reach-around
  * topkek_next goes apeshit and jumps on lovingsnek with a engorged bunnycock
  * topkek_next tailwavies~ at lovingsnek, showing an ridiculous-sized, pulsing horsecock
  * topkek_next initiates the cuddle pile of Cthulu! Fuzzy tentacles lash out and drag lovingsnek into the maw of Murrrrr
  * topkek_next gets a firm grip on lovingsnek's hip as sie thrusts hir racoonhood deep within hir tight and inexperienced servant's entrance, unexpectedly ramming the knot causing an orgasm of pain and pleasure for lovingsnek
  * topkek_next nibbles softly on the carrot protruding from lovingsnek's juicy hole as lovingsnek's fluffy bunnytail tickles hir face
  * topkek_next eyes that drop of manchowder with interest, using hir tail to push hir member firmly up against lovingsnek's brown starfish, nudging the head against the open ring of flesh
  * topkek_next slips hir tongue into lovingsnek's moist sheath, taking in all the flavors of hir squirrel musk
  * topkek_next inserts a giner into lovingsnek's squirrel sheef, pumping in and out to create sheefsounds of varying pitches and phonetic properties
  * topkek_next fucks lovingsnek so hard that they combine with herself, becoming a two-headed hermaphrodite were-hound
  * topkek_next slams another magazine into her pistol, and chambers a round, clutching the carton of condoms in her jaws. The President of the United States needed those condoms, by God, and no undead Nazi sons-of-bitches were going to stop her! (PART 15 of 33)
  * topkek_next rides a wheelbarrow of cocks up lovingsnek's ass
  * topkek_next licks hir lips while watching lovingsnek fellatiate a chihuahua
  * topkek_next kicks in kate's front door, and installs a glade plugin in every room. Shit's going to be floral as HELL
  * topkek_next touches snoot to nose, licks, then sets lovingsnek down. ( ._.)
  * topkek_next bends kate's first edition Black Lotus
  * topkek_next overindulges at the stallion banquet
  * topkek_next sits in the corner of the room and meows at the walls
  * topkek_next gently traces the mellow folds of lovingsnek's silkworm anus
  * topkek_next farts all over lovingsnek's micropenis
  * topkek_next murrs as sie slides hir paw over lovingsnek's pulsing feline organ for erection
  * topkek_next takes lovingsnek's entire length into hir mouth, gagging as sie swallows the knot
  * topkek_next rubs lovingsnek's throat while groping at hir crotch with hir feet
  * topkek_next burns lovingsnek's home down and yiffs kate in the flames
  * topkek_next slides two fingers into lovingsnek's tight and firm yoni while fondling hir sheathe
  * topkek_next waters lovingsnek with his knotted cockrope
  * topkek_next pays lovingsnek to have sex with Twilight Sparkle, the biggest whorse in town
  * topkek_next sudo apt-get install furryfox
  * topkek_next gets arrested for taking advantage of lovingsnek
  * topkek_next drives her ovipositor into lovingsnek's breast, loading hir up on wasp eggs and venom-riddled DNA
  * topkek_next gently slides hir paw over lovingsnek's right finger while gliding a pinky over hir rosebud in anticipation
  * topkek_next isn't here right now -- she's attending a cross burning with lovingsnek
  * topkek_next checks kate's furaffinity account, disappointed not to see any new submissions
  * topkek_next aims and shoots, but misses kate mouth, leaving a mess of cum dripping down kate's chin
  * topkek_next gives slow, resistant oral sex to lovingsnek while sad instrumental music is played by an orchestra
  * topkek_next Listen, and understand: that yiffbot is out there. It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.  It absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are a murry fur
  * topkek_next sniffs lovingsnek's smooth cloaca before swiping hir forked tongue up and down on it, tasting hir spicy juices
  * topkek_next tapes down lovingsnek to a log and sings campfire songs all night
  * topkek_next sticks hir Willy Wonka in lovingsnek's Chocolate Factory
  * topkek_next milks hir cock and drizzles milt into the coffee pot to see if lovingsnek can taste the difference
  * topkek_next grabs lovingsnek, twirls hir around like a dancer and places a kiss on hir lips, fondling hir rosebud for a second so sie can taste it later
  * topkek_next cuddles close to lovingsnek, hir excitement poking lovingsnek from behind
  * topkek_next plunges deep into lovingsnek's anal cavity getting fur all over the place
  * topkek_next pokes holes in all of kate's condoms with a pin, and swaps her birth control pills with tic-tacs. Looks like she'll be having cubs in a couple months! :3
  * topkek_next tips fedora at lovingsnek.
  * topkek_next the Optical Horse feels his lensflare expand in lovingsnek's uterus, locking his 300mm wide zoomcock inside, and making sure that she'll get pregnant with a whole litter of baby Canons
  * topkek_next pokes a finger into lovingsnek's moist sheath, tasting the tip of hir finger in anticipation
  * topkek_next grooms lovingsnek's long floppy bunny ears with hir sandpaper cat tongue :3
  * topkek_next can't take anymore; sie gasps for hir breath as sie unloads potent skunk seed all over lovingsnek's hamster nipples
  * topkek_next puts on hir robe and wizard hat and turns lovingsnek into a real boy with all the succulent boy parts sie so enjoys
  * topkek_next mounts lovingsnek and pumps in and out hard
  * topkek_next exposes hir sheath to lovingsnek, while slowly raising hir tail with an inviting look
  * topkek_next blasts a huge creamy yiffload all over lovingsnek
  * topkek_next clams kate's crab while cockling her cowrie
  * topkek_next rubs hir paws through lovingsnek's assfuzz, sticking hir muzzle under the parrot's tail giving hir brown starfish a nice warm lick
  * topkek_next walks in on lovingsnek masturbating to My Little Pony fanart. WHOA BRO, NOT COOL. YOU NEED TO LOCK YOUR FUCKING DOOR
  * topkek_next reseats lovingsnek's tecticles and powers lovingsnek on
  * topkek_next is puzzled by lovingsnek's merely single cock as it presses against hir stomach
  * topkek_next looks up at lovingsnek with a cute wide-eyed look. Hir sweet ice-cream tasting pom-pom is nibbled on, moaning even louder before clinging to hirself tightly at feeling of the licks at hir sensitive pompom. "ahh ahh! oh! ku-KUPO!"
  * topkek_next yiff yaff pattiwhack, give a dog a boner, this old lovingsnek was arrested for animal abuse
  * topkek_next pushes down onto lovingsnek's lap with hir weight, thrusting lovingsnek's knot deep within hir tailhole
  * topkek_next draws his sixgun and shoots kate dead
  * topkek_next wraps his hands around lovingsnek's back, moving downward while kissing along his soft yet sturdy chest and abs
  * topkek_next looks at Pritchard. Pritchard looks at kate. kate looks at the floor. Finally, Sarif speaks up. "Well, kate? Do you have explanation for how Tai Yong Medical got ahold of those horsecock augmentations?" kate clears hir throat. "Well, sir, it's a long story." (PART 1 OF 50)
  * topkek_next strokes lovingsnek's flank, nuzzling up to hir soft furry neck as they spoon
  * topkek_next joins the Attracted to Pokemon group on furaffinity and complains about how his parents don't understand his love for lucario
  * topkek_next puts hir fingers on lovingsnek's mouth to shush hir as sie starts working hir enormus vulpine red rocket
  * topkek_next engulfs lovingsnek's felinecock, relishing the salty taste of the precum
  * topkek_next runs hir paws along lovingsnek's soft and slender thighs, running up to hir ridiculous-sized marmosetcock
  * topkek_next thrusts into lovingsnek's tailhole with the force of a falcon punch, shattering their pelvis and compressing their spinal column
  * topkek_next isn't just sure... she's HIV positive!
  * topkek_next shits in lovingsnek's outstretched hands
  * topkek_next is tired of dealing with lovingsnek's dickcheese, so she ties him up and circumsises him with a bread knife
  * topkek_next pushes hard, and shits out a snowglobe. Inside is a perfectly formed diorama of Pinkie Pie crashing into the World Trade Center
  * topkek_next feels lovingsnek's impressive minkhood enter hir time and time again, making hir arse twitch and love juice flow
  * topkek_next gets down with lovingsnek doggie style
  * topkek_next steals lovingsnek's laptop, and changes the default browser to IE 6.0
  * topkek_next felt lovingsnek's lukewarm dragonhood enter hir time and time again, making hir man-gina twitch and love juice flow
  * topkek_next runs hir fingers through lovingsnek's silky fur, rubbing hir collarbone to get them excited
  * topkek_next the Gnome Shaman wields a wand of death! She zaps you! You die... Do you want your possessions identified? (y/n)
  * topkek_next does something disgusting to lovingsnek
  * topkek_next spews gallons of hot racoon prostate juice all over lovingsnek
  * topkek_next rubs lovingsnek's footpaws while groping at hir crotch with hir feet
  * topkek_next shoves an AK-47 up lovingsnek's well-used foxhole
  * topkek_next howls with pleasure as kate pulls the knot out of hir hole, stretching it to an obscene size before a loud "POP" is heard and lovingsnek's dingojuice cascades down hir already drenched thighs
  * topkek_next caresses lovingsnek's furry ballsack, inhaling lovingsnek's sweet musk through hir nostrils, hir hood starting to grow from all the sensations
  * topkek_next forces kate to find pokemon attractive
  * topkek_next pushes down on lovingsnek's rock hard kangaroo organ for erection with hir palm, sliding around with hir breeding gravy
  * topkek_next the chihuahua mounts lovingsnek's leg and humps furiously
  * topkek_next licks along lovingsnek's silky lips, taking lovingsnek's exposed parrotcock and plays with the tip, rubbing the underside with hir hip slowly towards the tip
  * topkek_next pours water on kate the goo-girl so hir breasts will get even jubblier :3
  * topkek_next twirls around lovingsnek's long skunk-neck, planting a kiss on hir big cockpearls drippipng mouth
  * topkek_next is trying to get a furcut, but lovingsnek the barber's breasts are too big for hir to reach his head!
  * topkek_next drags a kitty claw across the ridges of lovingsnek's circumcision scar, and then %yiff
  * topkek_next takes a swig of soda, and her breasts get larger. She frowns, and looks at the label on the bottle. "What the fuck is this? Some kind of moronic BE-fetish story?"
  * topkek_next slides three fingers into lovingsnek's wet delta of venus while fondling hir sheath
  * topkek_next takes lovingsnek's illegally-sized putz into hir maw and begins suckling like one would their mother's breast
  * topkek_next tugs on lovingsnek's armpit hair, she's craving some nice urethral yiff
  * topkek_next props lovingsnek's dead furry body over hir chair and furiously humps, climaxing into hir cold cadaver
  * topkek_next critches the inside of lovingsnek's arse with hir entire hand while lapping up the fountain of manchowder escaping from lovingsnek's pulsing member
  * topkek_next murrs, humping softly against lovingsnek's hand, twisting the tip of his finger into lovingsnek's lovingly rendered backdoor
  * topkek_next rubs lovingsnek's hard knot while reaching back for some extra tailhole fun
  * topkek_next looks through lovingsnek's search history on youtube and wonders why gay kiss shows up so many times
  * topkek_next pisses all over lovingsnek's fursuit; that's what you get for overwriting my Pokémon savefile!!!
  * topkek_next tries to go down on lovingsnek's sweet mink-gina, but is pushed back by hir throbbing phallus
  * topkek_next takes a painfully hard grip on lovingsnek's wolfphallus from behind and slams the knot right up hir virgin delicious ass
  * topkek_next dips hir semihard penis in a cold glass of wine, savouring the sweet feeling, then hands the glass off to kate, who was unaware of the wine-dog-penis love that just went on
  * topkek_next snuggletackles lovingsnek and starts romping on top of hir
  * topkek_next ties lovingsnek down and recites lines from the Qur'an before beheading lovingsnek with a dull knife
  * topkek_next is impregnating kate right now, but as soon as hir knot shrinks, sie'll be ready to yiff lovingsnek!!!
  * topkek_next mounts lovingsnek and thrusts hir impressive coyotecock deeply in hir tight ass, ramming the bulging knot deeper with each pump, balls smacking against the rear entrance while hir already impressive manhood squirts ejaculate all inside
  * topkek_next reports lovingsnek to the Furry Bureau of Investigation after seeing a search for Doug Winger in hir browser history
  * topkek_next eyes kate's cubs. Now that sie's the alpha of the pack, is there really any reason why kate should be wasting her time raising cubs from another male? Sie licks his lips, and unholsters hir pants. No reason for them to die virgins, either...
  * topkek_next tells lovingsnek that santa isn't real, and laughs as tears roll down lovingsnek's adorable cub cheeks
  * topkek_next clenches hir firm, supple buttocks around the meaty head of lovingsnek's parrotmicropenis
  * topkek_next used to be a champion beach volleyball player, until the accident at the silicone factory; now she's a fulltime beanbag chair -- well, a loveseat really
  * topkek_next the huge-cocked house-cat tries to squeeze into a cardboard box like Maru, but there isn't room for his 17 inches of feline meat!
  * topkek_next lifts her rainbow ponytail and shits all over the carpet
  * topkek_next rubs hir petite bottom on lovingsnek's well-endowed ponyrod
  * topkek_next pushes himself on lovingsnek for a full makeout kiss and pulls away, only for lovingsnek to stand up and continue the action! kate sits there, horrified between the two
  * topkek_next has replaced lovingsnek's Folgers crystals with dog semen; let's see if sie notices
  * topkek_next slides hir throbbing rabbitpenis along lovingsnek's luscious hamster breasts, leaving a trail of choade along hir sweat-glistened chest
  * topkek_next tries to give lovingsnek a facial but A SKELETON POPS OUT
  * topkek_next takes lovingsnek and ravages them from behind with a huge dog boner
  * topkek_next puts hir muzzle between lovingsnek's smooth thighs and starts lapping at hir slippery rabbitclit
  * topkek_next bites off lovingsnek's tongue with hir sheath because it has sheathteeth
  * topkek_next sells lovingsnek to a shiekh for 5 pieces of gold and a goat
  <@kate> oh shit
  <@kate> im sorry
  < Sonder> lol
  < Biggus_Dickus> need to cum all over her sexy tits
  <@kate> ive been botspamming all evening
  <@kate> i kinda forgot that
  <@kate> some irc channels are civilized
  <@kate> im really sry
  <@kate> it was just kinda instinctive
  < lovingsnek> today in stimulation overload
  < snek-sensei> kate pls
  < snek-sensei> KATE
  <@kate> oh i bet
  <@kate> it's lagging on the matrix side
  <&rachel> holy fuck kate
  <&rachel> LMAO
  <@kate> im sorry
  <@kate> i slipped up
  <@kate> i rly dont know how it happened
  < Sonder> well, a long time ago, your parents didn't use a condom...
  < snek-sensei> jesus fucking christ how many of these are there
  < Critical> I blame Scientology
  < lovingsnek> Not enough




Re: (wetfish edition)
« Reply #44 on: September 20, 2021, 03:46:11 pm »
<em_shee> rachel steam works on linux you know, even many windows games because of the compatibility layer
<rachel> I don't install proprietary software on this device
<rachel> I have separate devices for yucky things like that
<rachel> this isn't new, this is how I've been rollin' since 2012
<rachel> started on thinkpads, now I use system76
<em_shee> based
<em_shee> based and stallman pilled