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Congrats on making the land purchase! That's so awesome!

I forgot basic details: approximately where is it in relation to Ft. Collins, 15 min in which direction? what is the cost per acre up there?

Ft Collins is east of the rocky mountains, and this property is in the mountains... so it's west :P

The cost per acre is around $3,000 if you are buying 30+ acres, otherwise it's more like $10,000 per acre for smaller lots

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« Reply #31 on: November 14, 2020, 05:06:37 AM »
i'm thinking of buying a house out here in PA, i've just discovered sherrif sales (buying a house for the price of the tax lien). thing is, the tax rate here is astronomical - 12.5%! every year! but people end run this by getting their houses assessed for much less than they're actually worth, a house goes for 150k and its assessed at 40k, etc.

house down the street from me is in shabby condition, last went for 20k but was assessed at 44k. i was thinking of buying it and fixing it up but i don't know how to bribe locals for a new assessment.

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Hello All,

We did finish the survey today. We set or found all boundary corners and located improvements. I will issue a survey Monday morning. I will respond to everyone on this email with a PDF version (signed and stamped) of my survey. Have a great weekend. Thanks for choosing [surveying company].

Take care
[Survey dude]