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We see a fashion model -- or maybe a painter's model for romance novels -- wearing only pyjama bottoms and hair that is gel'd and mousse'd into that "just woke up" tussle. Yawn, stretch to flex his chiselled stomach and he pads down the hall of a New York loft. He turns into a door, and the door closes on the camera so the view shows the "Man/Woman" icon that is universally recognized as a bathroom in a public building (despite this being an obvious private home).

Cut to the loft's kitchen, all white paneling with black marble tops and shiny nickel fixtures that have seen no use. A beautiful thin woman is pouring generic-brand breakfast cereal into two bowls, with flawless hair and makeup despite the carefully-careless man's shirt she's wearing as pyjamas (too large for the fashion model we saw earlier). The pretty man walks in from stage left, gives her a chaste peck on the cheek and moves across to the fridge.

"The usual?" she asks, looking at the cereal so the audience knows what she means and the production company can minimize the woman's speaking role.

"Nah, need more fibre, and my potassium count is low," says the model in a voice suspiciously clear for facing away from us. He turns around and places oatmeal and two bananas on the counter next to the woman's pair of offerings.

Cut to the bathroom door again, which opens and the camera pans in to the spotless and unused bathroom. The camera continues to pan on the spotless toilet, until an Apple® logo is visible on the top of the water-tank.

"Apple iToilet™; high quality output comes from high quality intake. Now with iCloud™ compatibility so you can get the same improved service when you need to go on the go.&