Wetfish Town Hall Meeting

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Does anybody even care about these meetings?

If we didn't care, we wouldn't keep showing up.

Town Hall May 2022
"haven't used mumble in a hot minute" edition

- new version of our charity client's site being launched this month
- currently redesigning the UI for our podcasting client
- wiki, image uploader, linkrot on forums means autohosting for embeds, matrix server + bridge w/ ansible deploy... help!
- rachel really really needs help for devops.  contracted (another) someone that didn't work out.  She can't take on a junior because she has zero spare resources for management.
- need help from someone who doesn't have wealth as a primary motivator

Nature Conservation
- a month of drought caused the stream to dry out, but a week of rain is forecast
- compost pile doing well, very most, rich loam after only a year
- the trail is leveled-out, incremental improvement
- still need an ecological assesment expert

Community and Community Tools
- Twenty or thirty people showed up for a wetfish meet-up last month, the "billion second party."  Good time was had by all, first face-to-face meeting for many.
- rachel gonna try different methods for stress relief
- nicefish made some commits to the forums but they've yet to be deployed
- rachel would like to overhaul the wiki, it's a memedump, is a wiki the best tool for this emergent purpose?
- need to upgrade matrix software
- would we move off mumble to something newer, like jitsi?
  - mumble client just works on all devices, esp during long roadtrips.
  - mumble has a bad echo problem when people talk over each other
- rachel would like to overhaul the forums.  What can we do with the forums that isn't yet another internet forums thing?  Give thread starters more admin control over the thread.
- "more and more of the internet is orienting users to be consumers. I want users to feel like creators.  I liked the old internet where everyone had their own webpage, like geocities, a level playing field where everyone had their own space."
- thx kate for re-implementing the .comic feature
- depression chats, uuuuuuugh.  emotional support yes, but hugbox no.  Its hard to get shit done when there's people in the foreground whose only presence is talking about why they can't.  Make a #feelings room?

Homework for rachel
- write out what she wants, in a way that people can understand

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Town Hall June
housing bubble can come anytime now edition

Community News
- concern about one person being more crazy than usual, but they disappeared
- rachel went to Canada to see BeSwift at an anime con
- nicefish had a car accident, in the hospital.  Used Jitsi to videochat using a mere webbrowser; nicefish was stuck with a locked-down tablet. meleeman had a vtuber rig.
- luke and crit boardgaming it up
- emilypi and kakama went to New York City together
- egirl hotel will be shutdown, egirl hotel 2.0 "catgirl condo" is in the works and won't be three miles away

Biz and Ops
- interviewed some candidates, still looking for devops hire
- eva set up a DigitalOcean server ... but its unused
- Big Fudging Deal: the "moon" contract is happening. "this is the space-internet control panel" We need humans!  Supposed to be a year contract but they want to do a series of short-term contracts. OpenWRT? networking handled by someone else making radiation-hardened FPGAs.
- homework from last month carrying over to write a mission statement, and a list of goals, need help explaining to other people wtf is wetfish, also so rachel can swap out this stuff from her brain so she isn't stressed being the fulcrum for everything.

Nature Conservation
- getting brain(?) for the past week which is nice
- using a livestraw to drink mountain water
- digging a hobbit house
- neighbour asked for rachel to build a road but nobody's used it (freakin speculators)
- next lot over is up for sale
- want to make a deer-skeleton pentagram, something to welcome emilypi