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I love Noita. Probably my favorite game since Teeworlds. It's a falling sand game - every pixel has simulated physics like gravity, humidity, and chemical reactions. You play as a wizard who flies around and casts magical spells.

You can burn plants, oil, and wood. You can dissolve the ground with acid. Water can freeze and boil. Steam rises to the ceiling and condenses back into water. You can make giant explosions. Every time you play it's a different adventure, there's millions, or maybe even billions of possible spell combinations.

The game is full of secrets. You can go through the whole game make it to the final boss and "win", but even then you've only scratched the surface. The whole world is contiguous. At the beginning it seems like any other video game where you are simply progressing from one level to the next, but once you get enough magic power you can actually dig back up and go back to previous levels, or go exploring on the surface.

Here's someone fighting a miniboss:

Check out this crazy wand somebody made:


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Played Noita for a few hours at Rachel's today. Was very fun, but you gotta watch out for random death pixels.


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