old person request

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old person request
« on: June 18, 2020, 06:25:22 PM »
the buttons in the thread compose are really small and i can't remember what they do based on graphic alone

could you please add the option of seeing text labels? that would help me out a lot.

i know what you're gonna say: but there's mouseover tooltips! and yes, there are! but they only show up if i hold the mouse over it perfectly still for a couple seconds. my hands shake so i have to take my hand off the mouse. also the mouse pointer covers up (mouse pointer is so big its bigger than the buttons) part of the label (so i have to guess at what the first word is) then i have to repeat for every button until i find the function i'm looking for.

i prefer text labels because i can easily scan rows of text

yes i know i'm dumb for not remembering what buttons do and normal people don't have this problem. think of me as the ultimate usability tester

PS are there hidden keyboard shortcuts for italics & stuff that i don't know about? it would be nice to know about them. thanks i love you all